Workplace After Covid-19

Going back to work, for most people, is going to feel a lot different than when they left.

Workers looking forward to their return to the office and a sense of normalcy should brace themselves for a wide range of new safety protocols.The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.

According to McKinsey research, 80 percent of people questioned report that they enjoy working from home. Forty-one percent say that they are more productive than they had been before and 28 percent that they are as productive. Many employees liberated from long commutes and travel have found more productive ways to spend that time, enjoyed greater flexibility in balancing their personal and professional lives, and decided that they prefer to work from home rather than the office. Many organizations think they can access new pools of talent with fewer location constraints, adopt innovative processes to boost productivity, create an even stronger culture, and significantly reduce real-estate costs.

Organizations started taking the following steps to reimagine how work is done and what the future role of the office will be.

1. Restructuring work style

During the lockdown, organizations have adapted to go on collaborating and to ensure that the most important processes could be carried on remotely.Organizations should identify most important process of each business , geography and function often with involvement by employees.For Instance, being in office for project planning and after that working remotely for execution.

Previously , planning of project was done through physical meetings , brainstorming ideas and assisting other to come to final conclusion. But now this whole can be done through digital platform , video conference .

Reimagining and restructuring processes and practices will serve as a foundation of an improved operating model that leverages the best of both in-person and remote work.

2. Re-classification of Roles

During Restructuring an organization will review which roles can be carried out remotely and what is necessary roles for in-person.They can make decisions about which roles must be carried out in person, and to what degree.

For the roles which are fully remote , talent sourcing is easier since the pool of available talent could have fewer geographical constraints. Infact sometime talented people have geographical constrains because of various factors so fully remote work option help us to find best talent .A monthly trip to headquarters or a meeting with colleagues at a shared destination may suffice

3. Re-designing office Space

Advisers at Canadian commercial real estate and architecture firms have issued guidelines to clients on how to prepare for their employees’ return to Canadian workspaces once it’s deemed appropriate. They say many changes will be required.

We all have ideas about what a typical office looks and feels like.Organizations could create workspaces specifically designed to support the kinds of interactions that cannot happen remotely.Organizations will need to manage which employees can come to the office, when they can enter and take their places, how often the office is cleaned, whether the airflow is sufficient, and if they are remaining sufficiently far apart as they move through the space.

With time, some organizations could reduce their real-estate costs by 30 percent. Those that shift to a fully virtual model could almost eliminate them. Both could also increase their organizational resilience and reduce their level of risk by having employees work in many different locations


As many employers are experimenting to bring their employees back in office so leadership is analyzing how to bring them back so that workspace is productive and safe for everyone.

A well-planned return to offices can use this moment to reinvent their role and create a better experience for talent, improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs.The aim of this revamping is to provide safe work place where employee enjoy their work and ultimately able to achieve organization objective.



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